You might call us weird.

We really do love this stuff.

We've been in your shoes, excitedly drawing up plans for a new application, only to get bogged down with writing code for the backend: user accounts, authentication, SSO, passwords, permissions, whatever. You know the drill all too well.

In 2012, we began production on an unrelated web app, determined to focus on the business-related parts of the project. To save time and money, we'd use cloud services for everything else. It was a good plan, except we couldn't find anything viable for authentication and user management. So we chose to design a flexible and reusable authentication API for ourselves.

The process was liberating. Not only did the solution fit our needs, but we discovered we weren't alone. Loads of other developers wanted what we had built.

So what once was a burden quickly became our passion, as we found purpose in eliminating a huge, hated part of application development for programmers around the globe.

"Thanks for your response and transparency. Nice to know I'm working with humans. :)"


You have our permission to hate authentication.

We love authentication so you don't have to. Our development began with the belief that modern apps should deal with user management in a modern way. We still believe that.

We feel your pain.

We are developers too. We've experienced the pain of the typical authentication and user management implementation. It doesn't have to be such a miserable experience.

And be assured: If and when you have even a hint of trouble with implementation, you'll find a helpful and knowledgeable support staff ready to help you along.

Have a question now? Let us know how we can help.

Our best ideas come from you.

In the past year we've added: An intuitive user dashboard, managed sessions, comprehensive redirect handling, seamless logins across SSO-enabled apps, and much more. As well, we've made it even easier to get connected.

Our feature additions are most often implemented as a result of requests from developers like you.