Simple, All-inclusive Pricing

Every plan includes:

  • Hosted logins & signups
  • Complete user management
  • All social providers
  • Automatic account linking
  • Two-factor auth (2FA)
  • Orgs (groups) & memberships
  • Unlimited apps
  • Single-Signon (SSO)
  • Managed sessions
  • Custom domains
  • Multi-tenant support
  • 7 days of event log history

You get it all. No need to pay extra just to get one key feature.

The Whole Pie for $49

AuthRocket starts at just $49/month which includes 2,500 users and a generous 1 million API calls.

For $119/month, bump that up to 8,000 users and 2.5 million API calls.

Or, for $269/month, make it 20,000 users and 6 million API calls.

AuthRocket for Enterprises

Enterprise pricing starts at $499/month. Plans may be scaled to any number of users and API calls and any length of event history. All enterprise accounts include our 99.95% SLA (check out our uptime). Annual and invoice billing are also available. Contact us for a quote.

Everyone starts with a 30-day free trial. No credit card required.

What about overages?

Simply put, we don't charge for overages.

If it's temporary, you probably won't even hear from us. For anything longer, we'll email you—you can either delete unneeded data or upgrade.

Are there any other charges?

If you use LoginRocket (hosted logins) and want us to use your own SSL cert, it's $20/mo.

That's it. Everything else is included, as shown above.

It's simple and flexible, just the way pricing should be.