Authentication, User Accounts, Social Auth, SSO, and more.

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We help developers take months off their app development process.

Here's how:

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Auth as a Service

Bullet orangeStandard Logins (Passwords)Bullet orange

Bullet orangeSocial AuthBullet orange

Bullet orangeRegistrations (Signups)Bullet orange

All authentication methods are fully-implemented at once with a single connection to the AuthRocket API. It takes about 10 lines of code.

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User Management

Bullet orangePowerful Backend UIBullet orange

Bullet orangeUser Accounts and PermissionsBullet orange

Bullet orangeRealtime SearchBullet orange

Your app will have a complete, intuitive user management UI the minute you create your account.

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Bullet orangeSeamless SSO Between AppsBullet orange

Bullet orangeFully-Managed SessionsBullet orange

Bullet orangeOne Login EverywhereBullet orange

Track logins and logouts and allow users to seamlessly jump between apps with effortless single sign-on.

"The geniuses over at AuthRocket have taken the time to pour over every technical detail of authentication negotiation and management. This level of expertise embedded in a turnkey solution is a rare gem indeed."

- Timothy Britt, CEO - Tesseract Labs

Solve Your Auth Headache Permanently

AuthRocket eliminates 100% of the confusion surrounding authentication, by unifying all of your concerns into a single API: password enforcement, social logins, user management, security, permissions, and a lot more.

Combine that with an API that is easy to talk to, and you can solve your auth headache before you go to lunch.

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