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Auth like a Boss.

You didn't write your own HTTP stack. Why spend weeks or months rolling your own auth?

Instead, add a custom, scalable, and secure backend to your app in a few minutes.

You can use the time you've saved to work on the fun parts of your app—and start making money. Or if you'd prefer, go to the beach.

Configure. Don't code.

AuthRocket gives you the tools to tune your app like a racecar. Logins, Social Auth integrations, seamless SSO, signup pages, and more are added code-free.

And if you need help along the way, we'll be your pit crew.

Manage all the things.

Track user engagement on your app's dashboard, locate and manage user accounts and permissions, reset passwords, and more. Your user management UI is powerful, intuitive and easily understandable for programmers, managers, and customer service agents alike.

We'd bet your crazy uncle could figure it out.

Grow. The easy way.

What do you do when your app goes viral and you need 1000x the user accounts you had yesterday? That's cool—bring it on. Your app's backend is already structured to handle it.

Or what if the boss shows up and tells you that security requirements have increased and you need to verify new users by email? No problem. You'll have it done before she can walk back to her office.

We won't nickel and dime you on features and pricing either. You get all AuthRocket features for one reasonable price. Enabling something new won't blow your budget (or require a trip to accounting).